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Gift w/ Purchase (5) 60 Minute Massages



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Buy five (5)60 Minute massages and receive a full size Himalayan Salt Scrub made with Organic coconut oil and Himalayan salt. Keep this package for yourself or if you are giving the massages away as gifts please let us know and we will give you an individual gift card for each session.

We provide massage therapy custom made for your session. Whether you like deep tissue massage or gentle Swedish, our therapist will customize your 60 minute massage to your liking.

There is a belief that Massage is a luxury. This belief is just not so. We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone got a therapeutic massage monthly.  Massage is a necessity not a luxury.

Receiving massage therapy on a monthly or basis has incredible results. Massage has had been known to have many therapeutic results such as improved  skin conditions, reduction in pain medication or completely stopping the consumption of pain medication.  Increased flexibility, better circulation, improved mood and mental disposition.  Not to mention improved mental clarity.

We encourage you to try one of our Amazing massage therapists. We go to great lengths to  hire only top notch Massage therapists here at Magnificent Hands. Each therapist is hand selected by the owner, a massage therapist herself , to insure that you have a positive experience.

Our massage rooms have a  soothing healing  atmosphere. We use only 100% cotton sheets for your maximum comfort. We use only pure organic coconut oil for our massages. If we use anything else we make sure it is pure and free from chemical or preservatives.


We offer massage therapy at Magnificent Hands 7 days a week by appointment only.