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Meet the Team

Mona Schaefer, LMT - Founder

My gift is that I intuitively know how to help with your pain or injury and I know when I need to refer you elsewhere. I have advanced training with the Upledger institute for Craniosacral Therapy and I am in the process of obtaining the CST certification.

I have a rich referral source and I most likely will know where to send you if I cannot help. My specialty is Craniosacral therapy and injury body work.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you soon. LVMT 5298

Jenifer Freer
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Jenifer Freer has been teaching in the Las Vegas Valley since 2016. She is a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master. She is also certified in Angel Communication, Seraphim Blueprint and Kundalini & Vinyasa Yoga. She hosts reiki meditations, sound healings, inner child healings, womens workshops, and Holy Fire Reiki certifications. 

She has felt deeply connected to her gifts since a  young age and is very passionate about guiding others to learn ways to heal themselves.

Jen teaches Monday, Wednesday, Thursday nights and Thursday mornings. 

meet our teachers

Rachel Daley Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher

Rachel  studied Health Sciences at the University of Reno. Rachel traveled to Asia and Europe for her Yoga teacher training. She teaches a soothing but energizing Chakra Flow every Saturday morning at 10:00 am and a special Sound Healing Yin Class Thursdays at 6pm


christiel on stage

Christiel Bartles - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Christiel is a teacher at Heart and lives by her mission: to guide people to live their Truth, to see the Beauty in everything, and to stay fascinated by Life!

She is a yoga teacher, healer, Spiritual Counselor, and a Reiki Master. Her passion for teaching and Love of Life creates a container for students to relax and welcome their complete selves. 

Christiel teaches Kundalini Yoga every Wednesday at 9am.

Nick Pfieffer Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Nick was born and raised in Las Vegas, and has been on his spiritual path since the age of 15 after coming across a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He has been practicing various methods of meditation and yoga for around 10 years now. He received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon, where he first discovered Kundalini Yoga, in 2016.  Being a teacher is an honor and a privilege that Nick is eternally grateful for, and he hopes that whomever he may come into contact with, he may be of loving service to them.

Nick teaches Kundalini Yoga and meditation Sunday nights at 6pm.

Debbi Atkins Kriya Flow Teacher

Debbi Atkins is a dedicated Certified 500 RYT & Certified 500 E-RYT.
Previously from Southern California and currently residing in Las Vegas. She previously worked with patients offering yoga therapy & meditation at
an Addiction Center, as well as teaching yin yoga, Chair yoga, gentle yoga,Power Vinyasa & Beginning yoga around the Vegas area.Her love of yoga began back in the mid 70’s starting with Bikram Yoga transiting into Ashtanga Yoga. Through her daily Sadhana practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation she incorporates an Ayurvedic lifestyle. She is a practicing Buddhist & receiver of the 5 & 8 Precepts as well as abeginning student of the Sikh religion. Debbi is Very Honored & blessed to be a part of the Magnificent Hands
family, a beautiful loving place.
Sat Nam!
सत् नं  

Sadie Fuentes Hatha Yoga Teacher

Sadie holds a 200 hour Hatha Yoga certification. She shares her passion with others by emphasizing alignment, focusing on breath work, and building sensational awareness. She is able to accomplish this by engaging individuals in self inquiry during movements and when exploring shapes. Participants can expect a class to consist of a flowing sequence, with special attention to foundations and education about the different chakras.