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Chakra Balancing Session


Chromotherapy uses wavelengths of color light to positively alter the biochemistry of the body to promote deep healing. Chromotherapy used in conjunction with FA infra red treatment and becomes even more effective as the infrared spectrum of light, through its power to penetrate deeply into the soft tissues of the body, encourages the body to absorb the full spectrum of color emitted through the Vogel cut pure quartz crystals combined with the infrared Biomat treatment will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.


Calm the nervous system, balance the Chakra’s (energy centers of the body).

The Crystal light session helps to clear away stress and “dis-ease”.  The treatment lasts for approximately 60 minutes. You simply lie on the massage table fully clothed.  The eyes may be covered and soft music will play. Close your eyes as you drift into a deeply relaxing state. For best results it is recommended to wear light colored clothing.

These crystal’s are Vogel cut. Marcel Vogel (physicists)  was a computer scientist for IBM for over 30 years. Marcel was fascinated by the resonance of quartz crystals.  “Crystals ground human energy and bring the mind to an alpha state. When the left and right brain merge, we are home.” ~Marcel Vogel-

The vision of sacred geometry led to the development of crystal cutting that combines the healing properties of the crystal with the ability to create intentional healing.

courtesy of crystal light and sound