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Private Kundalini Yoga Classes


You will receive 60 to 75 minutes of  private teaching.

What to expect?

Kundalini Yoga works to help transform your well being from the inside out. Learn to meditate and use your breath to help align your bodies energy centers known as Chakra’s. Kundalini yoga is a wonderful way to bring healing and harmony to your body, mind and soul

Group rates of up to 4 people call for pricing.



Why choose a private Kundalini and gong class?
Choosing a Kundalini session caters to your specific needs. Struggling with anxiety? Depression?
Digestion? All of the above? There a Kundalini Kriya for that! Work with an experienced Kundalini
Practitioner to teach you the tools to help you in the areas you need it most. Schedule an appointment
today and get started on your journey to fulfilling your dharma!