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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2021 w/Charandev from RAMA


Pay a deposit of $500.00 per item


Charandev Khalsa comes to us from RAMA in Venice Beach Ca. We are excited to host our first Kundalini teacher training here a the Center. When completed you will receive a 200 hour teacher training certificate that will document that you completed 200 hours of Kundalini Yoga  training.  The cost of the training is $2800 and there is no extra fee for payment arrangements.

If you would like to prepay for the training and pay before training starts the fee is $2500 please call 702-524-8876 if you have any questions about the training.

Here are some of the topics that we will learn:

“How to connect to the Higher Self in the computer age” Find freedom by getting out of the hypnotic trance of the subconscious mind and collective subconscious, and tapping into my cosmically connected mind.

“Learn to use the relationship between the earth’s magnetic field  the sun rays and your sound current to make progress.”

“How to gain mental energy, slicing doubt into two triangles.”

“How to eliminate the subconscious blocks that prevent me from living a happy life.”

“Sharpening the Intelligence into a maneuvering power to process through the thousands of techniques to a few that will help me.”

Feb 5-7 Feb 18-21

March 5-7 March 19-21

April 16-18 April 30-May 2

May 14-16 May 28-30