Craniosacral therapy & Crystal light therapy




Here are the reasons you need Craniosacral and Crystal light therapy:

  1. Removes energy blocks
  2. Stimulates Vitality
  3. Clears the Aura
  4. Enhances healing
  5. Helps with traumatic brain injury and concussions
  6. Relieves insomnia and migraine headaches

The regular price for 1 session $135, Save $10 per session and add this wonderful healing treatment to your life.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a powerful hands-on treatment that supports the body’s own wisdom and innate ability to heal, done while fully clothed on top of the massage table. Included with your treatment is the healing Biomat with amethyst crystals and infra red heat.

The second part of the session you will receive Crystal light therapy which will balance your energy centers known as Chakra’s or circles. This treatment is soothing and calming and helps to return your body to wholeness.

For best results wear light colored clothing.